How to Protest your Property Taxes in Houston

March 23, 2019
Homestead and Taxes

How to Protest your Property Taxes in Houston

Did you know you can fight your property tax appraisal? I'll tell you exactly what information you'll need and where to find it, in order to protest your property taxes. I'll also provide a list below of companies you can hire to fight your property appraisals.

You’ll want to do these four things to fight your property taxes:

  • Check HCAD
  • Take Photos
  • Resources from your home purchase
  • Comps from a realtor

1. Check HCAD - You'll want to search for your property on HCAD or your appraisal district website to make sure the information is correct. Often, the county appraisal district doesn't have the correct information and it could actually hurt you. You'll want to make sure that the square footage of your home, the square footage of your lot, the number of rooms, condition/quality of the structure/improvement is correct.

2. Take photos - Take photos of any deficiencies in your home or neighborhood. The appraisal district isn't coming into each and every home to compute the taxes and appraisal amount. Their computerized and automatic algorithms are appraising your home based on the value of the surrounding homes and neighborhoods and perhaps some outside data from the MLS, or other public sources. You'll want to take photos of anything that may need some work in your home, in order to protest your appraisal.

You'll also want to take photos of any neighboring homes that could be an eye sore as it could affect your property's values. I would also take photos of your neighborhood and even your street if there are pot holes or construction, etc nearby.

3. Resources from your home purchase - As I mentioned above, it's important to document and take photos of any deficiencies in your home. When you purchased your home you most likely got an inspection done. The inspection report is a perfect resource for you as it highlights the structural, mechanical, and cosmetic deficiencies in your home.

Also, if you recently bought a home and the appraisal district has appraised the home for higher than what you paid, often you're able to provide the closing statement and the CAD will match the value. I bought my first home in the East End in 2014 for $165,000 and HCAD appraised it over $220,000. I provided the contract and they reduced the appraisal to the sales price.

4. Comps from a realtor - Comps are probably the most important bit of information you'll need to fight your property taxes! Your appraisal district will be using comparable properties to formulate your property's appraisal, so you will want to provide the CAD with truer/better comps on your property. Call your agent that you used to buy your home, or feel free to give me a call or email and I can send you recent sales comps in your neighborhood.

5. *2023 Update* View Houston Sold Prices online - Even though TX is a non-disclosure state, you can view HAR sold prices here.

Do you want to hire a company to protest and fight your property taxes?

Above are local companies that will protest your taxes in Harris County, Montgomery County, Willis County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, etc

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